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Potwash again, & again, & again...

Dan, the aspiring chef so keen,

His culinary dreams, a vivid scene.

But stuck on potwash, day by day,

Though skilled and talented in every way.

He scrubs and soaks, the dishes gleam,

But Dan's true passion, still his dream.

He longs to cook, to create and share,

But fate seems cruel, a burden to bear.

Yet Dan's spirit, it won't relent,

His ambition burns, with fiery intent.

He hones his skills, in secret he strives,

To prove he's more than just potwash lives.

With determination, he bides his time,

Refusing to let his dream dim or decline.

One day, his chance, it finally arrives,

A chance to cook, to shine and thrive.

And so, with flair and culinary flair,

Dan rises up, a chef beyond compare.

He conquers the kitchen, his evil genius at play,

As he dominates the culinary world in his own wicked way.

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