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Chef Dan Walsh

"Your First Choice for a Passionate & Innovative Young Chef"!
Professional Cookery - UCB Birmingham
Level 2 (Complete - 2022)
Level 3 Diploma (Complete June 2023)

I am a dynamic and talented 18-year-old culinary professional who will soon gain his level 3 qualification as a 'professional cook' and is eagerly seeking his first job in the industry. With a passion for creating exquisite culinary experiences, I am well-equipped with the skills and knowledge gained from his formal culinary education.

I possess exceptional cooking abilities but also exude a positive and effervescent personality. I have an infectious enthusiasm and an upbeat attitude. This is evident in my interactions with colleagues and customers alike.


I am a team player and have the ability to collaborate seamlessly with fellow chefs and kitchen staff, contributing to a cohesive and efficient kitchen environment.

My creativity and innovation are evident in my culinary creations and I am always eager to learn and experiment with new techniques and flavours. I understand the importance of attention to detail, cleanliness, and food safety in a professional kitchen, and consistently adhere to the highest standards.

With a natural flair for building relationships and providing outstanding customer service, I am well-equipped to engage with customers, creating memorable dining experiences. My dedication to my craft, coupled with my exceptional interpersonal skills, makes me a perfect fit for any culinary team.

In conclusion, I am a talented, energetic, and team-oriented individual with a great personality, who is ready to bring my culinary skills and passion for food to his first professional role as a chef. My impressive skillset, combined with his positive attitude, make me an asset to any kitchen.

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